Subway Stories Tales from the Underground


Time Out says

This is the HBO production later reprised in London as Tube Tales. Ten sketches set on the far side of the ticket barrier, that place of late-night perils and unexpected comedy, of random encounters that are strange or dangerous, and where abrasiveness and generosity contend. The most successful episodes preserve the mystery of glimpsed fragments of other people's lives: McKay's 'The Red Shoes', Ted Demme's 'Miracle in Manhattan'. Jonathan Demme offers a slight shaggy dog story, 'Subway Car from Hell,' and Ferrara an uncharacteristically mellow anecdote, 'Love on the A Train.' Unlike the London version there are no outright duds, although the balance between the distressing and the uplifting is not quite so well struck.

By: BBa


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Jonathan Demme, Craig McKay, Bob Balaban, Patricia Benoit, Seth Rosenberg, Lucas Platt, Alison Maclean, Julie Dash, Abel Ferrara, Ted Demme
Adam Brooks, John Guare, Lynn Grossman, Angela Todd, Seth Rosenberg, Albert Innaurato, Danny Hoch, Julie Dash, Marla Hanson, Joe Viola
Ann Heche
Bill Irwin
Dennis Leary
Christine Lahti
Steve Zahn
Jay Stiller
Bonnie Hunt
Lili Taylor
Michael Rapoport
Mercedes Ruehl
Zachary Taylor
Sarita Chaudhury
Taral Hicks
Rosie Perez
Mike McGlone
Gregory Hines
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