Film, Horror

Time Out says

An engaging modern-day Vampire Western, about a community of bloodsuckers that has settled down in the remote desert town of Purgatory, where - with the help of a visiting scientist (Metzler) - they are trying to perfect an artificial blood-making machine that will free them from their anti-social appetites. But the rebellious Ireland and his degenerate cohorts hanker for the delicious pleasures of the Old Ways. Despite the tacky bat effects and an over-busy plot, Hickox makes good use of existing vampire lore, while introducing some new twists: sun-block cream (factor 200) and wooden bullets instead of stakes. Carradine is excellent as the vampires' imposing leader, Count Mardulak, and there are good cameos by Campbell (as vampire-hunter Van Helsing's grandson) and Walsh (as an old-timer with a taste for the red stuff). The ending, too, is bold and surprising, which after 70 years of vampire movies is no small achievement.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Anthony Hickox
David Carradine
Bruce Campbell
Jim Metzler
John Ireland
Morgan Brittany
Maxwell Caulfield
M Emmet Walsh
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