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Co-directed by the editor of Giant Robot magazine, this account of three young men growing up bored and drunk in Watsonville, California, fits into the long line of male rite-of-passage movies which stretches back to Fellini's I Vitelloni. The three friends have varied racial origins: Gary is white trash, constantly in and out of jail on assault charges; Dave is Hispanic, damaged by a bad love affair and stuck working in a comic-book store; and Mark is Japanese-American, the brainy one who'll leave for college in San Francisco after the summer. Shot in extended takes (16mm, b/w) which throw a lot of weight on the actors, the film's stylistic purity makes it unexpectedly compelling. And as a sketch of the mediocrity of the California backwoods, it's smarter and more credible than anything Gregg Araki has come up with.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Idemoto, Eric Nakamura
Michael Idemoto, Eric Nakamura
Josh Brand
Nicholas Constant
Michael Idemoto
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