Sunshine Part II


Time Out says

After Kate's death, husband Sam (De Young) struggles without success to bring up his stepdaughter Jill; they decamp to a dilapidated houseboat somewhere in the Canadian West; the boat breaks its moorings and Sam contracts pneumonia swimming ashore; girlfriend Nora (Foster), a free spirit, repeatedly turns down Sam's offers of marriage; at the close, Jill tells her dad she doesn't need a new mother - like him, she's sustained by the memory of Kate. A mawkish compilation of flashbacks to Part I and clips from the TV soap which sprang from it: Jill will doubtless grow into an '80s high-achiever, while the witless Sam will probably continue to strum his guitar into old age and beyond.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Daniel Haller, John Badham, Leon Benson, Robert Day, Joseph Sargent
Carol Sobieski, M Charles Cohen, William Froug, Milt Rosen
Cliff De Young
Elizabeth Cheshire
Bill Mumy
Meg Foster
Corey Fischer
Cristina Raines
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