Time Out says

Most delightful of the Super-series for its good-natured disregard of narrative considerations. How does Kara transform into Supergirl? Where did her costume come from? What are the Omega Hedron and the Burundi Wand? You won't ask because you won't care, and the Salkinds knew that before they started - just as they knew that Szwarc was TV-fast and presumably TV-cheap, that teeny girls would want to be Helen Slater and teeny boys would stick around hoping the Phantom Zone vortex would waft her skirt up. The Midwest landscape is patently Pinewood, the swirly paint effects sub-AIP and the sinister magician (and high school maths teacher!) is Peter Cook. Dunaway and O'Toole, resplendent in floppy knitwear, give more than the film demands.

By: DO


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Jeannot Szwarc
David Odell
Faye Dunaway
Helen Slater
Peter O'Toole
Mia Farrow
Brenda Vaccaro
Peter Cook
Simon Ward
Mart McClure
Hart Bochner
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