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Time Out says

Based on a 10-year-old story and a much rewritten script, this production claimed two directors as casualties. the Australian Geoffrey Wright quit early; Hill then shot the film, but left before editing began. Coppola is rumoured to have helped with the cutting. The film looks good and moves at a clip, but it doesn't make sense. Answering a distress call, a 22nd century medical rescue vessel jumps dimensions and is pulled towards a star about to implode. During frantic repairs, Phillips and paramedic Tunney enjoy weightless sex, while laidback co-pilot Spader and spiky chief MO Bassett face off. But with the arrival of Facinelli, sole survivor of an illegal ice mining disaster, things turn ugly. Spader, Bassett and Tunney struggle to invest their underwritten characters with some kind of emotional substance. Hill's direction of the large scale action scenes is never less than efficient and the SFX are more than adequate. In the end, however, this still feels like a $60m B-movie.

By: NF


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Thomas Lee Walter Hill
David Campbell Wilson
James Spader
Angela Bassett
Robert Fosrster
Lou Diamond Phillips
Peter Facinelli
Robin Tunney
Wilson Cruz
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