Support Your Local Gunfighter


Time Out says

An amiable but rather disappointing sort-of-sequel to Support Your Local Sheriff, sharing the same director but different scriptwriters (here it's James Edward Grant). Conman Garner is the link, though not the same character, alighting from a train in the town of Purgatory to be mistaken for an infamous gunslinger. Unabashed, Garner adopts bumbling oaf Elam as his sidekick, with the latter delightedly playing up until the missing gunfighter he's impersonating turns up bent on settling scores ('I'm slow,' Garner assures the uneasy Elam, 'but you're slower'), and Garner meanwhile playing both ends against the middle in order to profit from a local mining dispute. Garner's laid-back charm helps to fill the gaps between funny scenes.

By: GA


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Burt Kennedy
James Edward Grant
James Garner
Suzanne Pleshette
Jack Elam
Joan Blondell
Harry Morgan
Marie Windsor
Henry Jones
John Dehner
Chuck Connors
Dub Taylor
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