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In his Beverly Hills dream home, successful pulp novelist Sean Stein (Caine) broods over the wrong done him by women in the alimony courts. Elsewhere in LA, dreamy painter Daisy (Field) works in a commercial art studio and wonders when she will meet the man she wants to have babies with. Then a strange quirk of fate finds them face-to-face, victims of a stick-up, naked and in bondage, at which point Stein appears to fall in love...What could so easily have turned into a sickly parable of the unimportance of money compared to Real Human Virtues in fact comes over as an exhilaratingly cynical comic view of the love market, completely undermining the banalities that usually come with the territory. Misogynistic, misanthropic, nasty-minded, Surrender is great comedy.

By: RS


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Jerry Belson
Jerry Belson
Sally Field
Michael Caine
Steve Guttenberg
Peter Boyle
Jackie Cooper
Julie Kavner
Louise Lasser
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