Suspicious River


Time Out says

Stopkewich won plaudits for her necrophile Kissed, but this second outing, based on a novel by Laura Kasischke, plays more like softcore titillation masquerading as arty psycho-drama. Working at a motel in the middle of nowhere, Leila takes to selling herself to the business travellers who make up the clientele. This seems to be more out of boredom than anything else, although she takes a particular shine to the guy who beats her up. We're asked to suffer a grimly predictable chain of events, a numb non-performance from Parker, and an offensively pat psychological explanation for all this trash.

By: TCh


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Lynne Stopkewich
Lynne Stopkewich
Molly Parker
Callum Keith Rennie
Mary Kate Welsh
Joel Bissonette
Deanna Milligan
Sarah Jane Redmond
Norman Armour
Byron Lucas
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