Sweeney Todd


Time Out says

For some reason, Hammer omitted Sweeney Todd from their Grand Guignol repertoire, but this cable version catches the flavour of the old firm, even down to the fiery climax. In opposition to Tod Slaughter's pre-war hiss-me-I'm-a-villain rendition, Ben Kingsley offers a rather gentle monster. In fact apart from the odd severed windpipe, the horror is limited to the camera's examination of Mrs Lovett's equivocal meat pies. Most successful is the design, especially the slimy passages and shadowy horror chambers beneath Fleet St. Joanna Lumley appears with blackened teeth and grimy drawers, but despite an itinerary which includes flagellation and cannibalism, that familiar mist of refinement obstinately refuses to disperse.

By: BBa


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Schlesinger
Peter Buckman
Peter Woodthorpe
David Wilmot
Katharine Schlesinger
Peter Jeffrey
Joanna Lumley
Campbell Scott
Ben Kingsley
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