Sweet Kill


Time Out says

Something smells very peculiar here, and it's not just the body of his first victim which Tab Hunter has hidden in the pigeon loft. The aged beach boy, interestingly enough, plays an impotent PE instructor surrounded by predatory women. He picks them off one by one, and is gradually revealed as a pantie-collector, foot fetishist, and the type who wanks by the bedside of a callgirl dressed up as his dead mom. With his stark titles and moodily shot interiors, writer/director Hanson no doubt wanted it all to add up to a classy case history; but there's too much that's hackneyed and explicit, and too little clarification of Tab's psychosis.

By: AN


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Curtis Hanson
Curtis Hanson
Tab Hunter
Cherie Latimer
Nadyne Turney
Isabel Jewell
Linda Leider
Roberta Collins
Kate McKeown
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