Swimming with Tears


Time Out says

Tashiro's debut feature is a weird mix of breast-beating, social concern, museum-piece melodramatics and coolly detached style. It's one of the many contemporary movies to focus on Asian immigrants to Japan: in this case, a Filipina mail-order bride who gives up on her Japanese peasant husband and flees to Tokyo in search of her Japanese father. There are a couple of interesting plot strands (the best concerns a kindly but odd Japanese couple with a guilty secret in their closet), but the film founders on the sheer sentimentality of its view of Asians in Japan. Pity: if it had an ounce of cynicism to it, comparisons with Fassbinder might have been in order.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Hirotaka Tashiro
Hirotaka Tashiro
Ruby Moleno
Shiro Sano
Jun Togawa