Swing Shift


Time Out says

A gentle romantic comedy set during World War II, which sees housewife Hawn finding her feet when hubby Ed Harris goes off to fight. First, against his wishes, she takes a job in an aircraft factory, then - after a lengthy courtship - she takes a lover in the form of hunky, helpful, hot trumpeter Kurt Russell. Hawn, atypically cast and supported by all-round excellent performances, proves that she can act. But still this bitter-sweet concoction is very much Demme's: not only in the warming celebration of friendship and community values (the unsentimental generosity extended towards the characters positively glows), but also in the assured handling of period, place, music and mood.

By: GA


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Jonathan Demme
Rob Morton, Ron Nyswaner, Bo Goldman, Nancy Dowd
Goldie Hawn
Kurt Russell
Christine Lahti
Ed Harris
Fred Ward
Sudie Bond
Holly Hunter
Roger Corman
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