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Täällä Pohjantähden alla


Time Out says

If the action seems a trifle hectic early on, it's probably because an hour was trimmed for British release. But only a masochist would demand the full version of this lumbering Finnish family chronicle derived from a famous trilogy by Väinö Linna, detailing the break-up of feudal society early in the century and the farmers' fight for socialism. This dinosaur of a film played in Finland as a television serial, as well as being carved up into two features for cinema release; and the television influence shows in the relentless artificial lighting, the cramped compositions which hinder Laine's attempt to achieve an epic sweep. Occasional scenes are pretty in a picture postcard way (workers marching through snow shouting the national anthem), but it's all laboriously unreal and unimaginative.

Release Details

  • Duration:279 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Edvin Laine
  • Screenwriter:Väino Linna, Juha Nevalainen, Edvin Laine, Matti Kassila
  • Cast:
    • Afarno Sulkanen
    • Risto Taulo
    • Titta Karakorpi
    • Ulla Eklund
    • Anja Pohjola
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