Take It Like a Man, Ma'am


Time Out says

An entertaining commercial feature arising from certain preoccupations within the women's movement, this represents a reasonably successful attempt to popularise aspects of feminist theory and film-making practice: respectively, the potential relationship between the movement and the older woman, and the realisation of an all-female production. The film traces the gradual coming-to-consciousness of a 50-year-old housewife, diagnosed as menopausal and prescribed tranquillisers and a little dog to look after. But the basis of its broad appeal is a long dream sequence which is a devastatingly accurate and hilarious depiction of role reversal. It's the seemingly simple strategy of this section which proves to be the film's real strength.

By: PT


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Elisabeth Rygård, Mette Knudsen, Li Vilstrup
Mette Knudsen, Li Vilstrup, Elisabeth Rygård
Tove Maës
Alf Lassen
Berthe Quistgård
Hans Kragh Jacobsen
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