Film, Action and adventure
2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars
You need to be smart to come up with anything new in the heist-gone-wrong genre, but this at least has a couple of inventive robberies (kids, you’ll need a helicopter, explosives and detailed knowledge of disused metro tunnels to try this at home). Beyond that, it falls into the trap of having so many characters there’s no room for them all to register, so while Matt Dillon’s cop is mildly world-weary, on the criminal side, some gangsters get more fulsome problems than others. Thus, commanding Idris Elba has a junkie sister, and their ex-con former associate TI puts together a dubious security-van job to kick the plot into gear, but Hayden Christensen contents himself with an annoying hat, and Paul Walker a scowl. It’s hard to give two hoots about any of this lot, but at least the action exudes enough professionalism to give us something to look forward to. Not terrible, but undemanding.

By: Trevor Johnston



Release details

Release date:
Friday September 17 2010
107 mins

Cast and crew

John Luessenhop
Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus
Zoë Saldana
Hayden Christensen
Paul Walker
Idris Elba
Matt Dillon
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