Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Film, Horror

Time Out says

An anthology featuring stories adapted by George Romero and Michael McDowell. The latter also wrote the neat 'wraparound story', in which a housewife (Harry) is distracted from roasting and eating a young boy (Lawrence) by his reading of stories from a favourite anthology. In the '40s-style 'Lot 249', a boffin (Buscemi) tricked out of a scholarship revives a 3,000-year-old mummy to exact his revenge. Hickey takes the honours for 'Cat from Hell' - in which cat's eye view shots add suspense - as a mad millionaire who hires a killer (Johansen) to rid him of a homicidal puss. Though it relies on the same flip irony and black humour, 'Lover's Vow' comes closest to succeeding in its own right. After seeing a winged monster tear off a man's head, a struggling New York artist (Remar) is spared on condition that he never reveals the creature's hideous appearance. Fame, fortune and romance (with Chong) ensue, but can he keep a secret forever? Definitely an improvement on the lamentable Creepshow or Cat's Eye, but Harrison never quite transcends the inherently limited format.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

John Harrison
Michael McDowell, George A Romero
Deborah Harry
Matthew Lawrence
Christian Slater
Robert Sedgwick
Steve Buscemi
Julianne Moore
David Johansen
William Hickey
James Remar
Rae Dawn Chong
Robert Klein