Tales of Kish


Time Out says

Three short tales set on the island of Kish. Taghvaï's 'The Greek Ship' tells how the lives of a shopkeeper and his wife are transformed by crates swept onshore from a wrecked cargo ship; Jalili's 'The Ring' concerns a student paying his way by working in a shack in the middle of nowhere; Makhmalbaf's 'The Door' (which intriguingly echoes Polanski's Two Men and a Wardrobe while anticipating Makhmalbaf's script for his daughter Samira's later Blackboards) concerns a postman trying to deliver a letter to a man who wanders the desert carrying a door on his back. All the episodes are visually stunning, making magnificent use of colour and landscape; all are at once fairytale-like in their simplicity, yet somewhat oblique as to their precise meaning; and all are perfectly paced and structured as shorts, never outstaying their welcome.


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Nasser Taghvaï, Abolfazl Jalili, Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Nasser Taghvaï, Abolfazl Jalili, Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Hossein Panahi
Atefeh Razavi
Hafez Pakdel
Mohamad A Babhan
Norieh Mahigiran
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