Talking History

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Time Out says

The two most famous radical historians of our day - EP Thompson and CLR James - talk to each other about Paris 1968, Nelson Mandela, Solidarity, 'Atlanticism in crisis', and the nature and purpose of their kind of history. The predominant image is of two grey-haired, one-time enfants terribles slipping easily into the roles of charismatic prophets. They share a devotion to history, not as a frozen catalogue of isolated events, but as signposts to future developments - what Thompson calls 'history as process'. They both discern the coming end of political parties - in the East and the West - and the growth of large 'people's movements'. The film-makers have sought to enliven the proceedings with headlines and film clips that illustrate the topics of conversation; but despite the assiduousness of their picture research, the end effect is simply distracting. James and Thompson talking are excitement enough for the attentive viewer.


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

HO Nazareth
CLR James
EP Thompson
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