Tank Malling

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

'I wonder if he's still wearing his rubber underpants', ponders high-class prostitute Helen (Donohoe). She knows the Met's Assistant Commisioner of old, but now she's in hiding with investigative reporter Tank Malling (Winstone), spilling the beans on high-level involvement with prostitutes and drug abuse. Police, judiciary, politicians - none averse to a spot of S&M - are manipulated by Sir Robert Knights (Wyngarde), who oversees the depravity under the auspices of the Moral Revival Campaign. The last time Tank took on Sir Robert and his shady lawyer (Connery), he ended up framed for perjury; but this time the dogged newshound intends to write the definitive exposé. Tank Malling doesn't believe in subtlety where a sledgehammer will do. Characters don't talk, they shout; scenes don't merely evolve, they're telegraphed. The actors do their best (Donohoe in particular), but they're left struggling with impossible stereotypes and hackneyed dialogue.

By: CM


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

James Marcus
James Marcus, Mick Southworth
Ray Winstone
Jason Connery
Amanda Donohoe
Glen Murphy
Marsha Hunt
Peter Wyngarde
John Conteh
Terry Marsh
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