Teen Agent


Time Out says

This marriage made in TV heaven boasts a script by Beverly Hills 90210 writer Darren Star, while the nice teeth and hair are modelled by 21 Jump Street star Grieco, playing Michael Corben, a high school dunce who must get a pass grade in French in order to graduate. While travelling to Paris with his teacher and classmates, he is mistaken for a secret agent and briefed by British Intelligence. Off he zooms in his specially-equipped sportscar, ready to rid the world of whip-wielding Ilsa Grunt (Hunt) and maniacal Augustus Steranko (Rees). Aside from Michael's curious penchant for dark eyeliner, it's hard to find anything of interest in this mediocre offering. Even the hi-tech gadgetry is boring.

By: CM


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

William Dear
Darren Star
Richard Grieco
Linda Hunt
Roger Rees
Robin Bartlett
Gabrielle Anwar
Geraldine James
Michael Siberry
Carole Davis
Roger Daltrey
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