Teen Wolf

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Clean-cut teenagers, a small town hardware store, a dark secret. But Blue Velvet this is not. Being a member of a perpetually outclassed basketball team isn't all Michael J Fox has to contend with: full moon turns him into a werewolf just like his dad. This amiable entry in the rarely popular wolfman genre wears its horror lightly, preferring the comic possibilities of the high school sporting 'n' dating movie. Apart from one not very ambitious transformation, the budget requires other boy-wolf-boy switches to happen off-screen. Popular enough for a sequel and an animated TV series, but the mostly unknown cast and crew stayed that way.


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Rod Daniel
Joseph Loeb III, Matthew Weisman
Michael J Fox
James Hampton
Susan Ursitti
Jerry Levine
Matt Adler
Lorie Griffin
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