Teen Wolf Too

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

While Teen Wolf didn't exactly provoke howls of laughter, its innocuous humour did benefit greatly from the light comic touch of its diminutive star, Michael J Fox. This tedious sequel casts the producer's uncharismatic son (Bateman) as Fox's similarly afflicted cousin Todd, but offers only a faint echo of its predecessor. Having come to terms with his lupine lineage, relished the ensuing Teen Wolf mania, and ditched studious virgin Nicki (Chandler) in favour of fast times in a Porsche with a pair of big-breasted bimbettes, Todd suffers the same crisis of identity. Do his fickle fans love him or the wolf? Parents forced to suffer alongside their kids may salvage some amusement from the antics of Todd's gluttonous chum Chubby (Holton), who steals the show throughout.

By: NF


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Christopher Leitch
R Timothy Kring
Jason Bateman
Kim Darby
John Astin
Paul Sand
James Hampton
Mark Holton
Estee Chandler
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