Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A complete change of style for the director of Mediterraneo. Antonio (Rubini) has Bugs Bunny teeth, so large that as a kid he tries chomping on rocks to whittle them down, which only makes things worse. When he's middle-aged, divorced, but to all intents and purposes settled with a nice girl, his teeth start bothering him again. Dentists all over Rome are awed by the scale of his problem - but as Salvatores makes clear, hysterical fear of vagina dentata may be the root of Antonio's unhappiness. Luridly styled as a comic nightmare, this tests the patience more than the magazines in a dentist's waiting room.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Gabriele Salvatores
Gabriele Salvatores
Sergio Rubini
Anouk Grinberg
Tom Novembre
Anita Caprioli
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Paolo Villaggio
Claudio Amendola
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