Term of Trial


Time Out says

Olivier as a boozing schoolteacher, trapped in a fearful marriage to Signoret, and trapped also by nympho student Sarah Miles, who has a crush on him and, crikey, offers herself during a school outing to Paris. Instead of laying her or giving her a good slippering, he simply tells her to go home and do her homework. So she accuses him of rape, which leads to some real acting, especially when Olivier, after being cleared of misconduct by the enquiry, has to lie to his wife to earn her respect as a man with a spine. Terence Stamp as the school bully deservedly gets a good thrashing for non-acting, and this trip through the blackboard jungle is about as convincing as the jungle in Kew Gardens.


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Glenville
Peter Glenville
Laurence Olivier
Simone Signoret
Sarah Miles
Hugh Griffith
Terence Stamp
Roland Culver
Thora Hird
Frank Pettingell
Dudley Foster
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