Terminal Station


Time Out says

De Sica started out wanting to film a small scale love story, but the casting of Jennifer Jones brought with it the attentions of her producer husband David Selznick. He insisted on shooting in Rome's grand new central railway station and drafted in Truman Capote to polish up Zavattini's screenplay about an ill-fated romance between a visiting American and an Italian with an American mother (Clift, who gives a tender performance). In the end, though, Selznick reckoned the finished picture too arty and cut it to 72 minutes for US distribution (as Indiscretion of an American Wife).

By: TJ


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Vittorio De Sica
Cesare Zavattini, Luigi Chiarini, Giorgio Prosperi, Truman Capote
Jennifer Jones
Montgomery Clift
Gino Cervi
Richard Beymer
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