Terror by Night

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Holmes, Watson, a suspiciously eccentric passenger list, and the Star of Rhodesia diamond are all aboard the London to Edinburgh express (which, if the wonderfully inconsistent exterior stock footage is to be believed, changes engines several times en route), and the ensuing mayhem ranges from a corpse in a carriage to a false-bottomed coffin in the guard's van. Despite the train-movie format, there are distinct signs that Universal's Rathbone-Bruce series was running out of steam (only one more film was to come, in fact). An early screenplay from Frank Gruber, who merrily titled his autobiography The Pulp Jungle.


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

Roy William Neill
Frank Gruber
Basil Rathbone
Nigel Bruce
Alan Mowbray
Dennis Hoey
Renee Godfrey
Mary Forbes
Billy Bevan
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