Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

From Planet Pluton (apparent surface area: three feet by five) a horribly mutated domestic pet is tele-ported into the tacky, fallout-bunkered suburban home of the swinging Puttermans. It would be a cold heart that didn't sing as the Puttermans become lunch for their uninvited guest. Contact-mag swingers and assorted freaks turn up at the door like guest stars in a sit-com and rapidly become pools of slime on the tiled floor of the 'pleasure den'. Apart from Grampa's enthusiasm for self-regenerating lizard tails as a food source, very little of this is as funny as intended. Yet the monster, a huge, wobbling regurgitated meal with several rotating eyes, is genuinely likeable, and the sight of Mary Woronov poured into skin-tight sky-blue leather seems destined to linger in the mind's eye.


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Ted Nicolaou
Ted Nicolaou
Diane Franklin
Mary Woronov
Gerrit Graham
Chad Allen
Jonathan Gries
Bert Remsen
Alejandro Rey
Randi Brooks
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