Time Out says

In a momentary flash, an American suburb (carefully established) is pitched into nightmare: clearly the end has come, but apart from a power failure, the town's position in a mountain bowl has saved it from the worst effects of nuclear blast. With Dad (Devane) missing, Mother (Alexander) and her three kids have to struggle on as radioactive dust appears on their cereal bowls, friends and neighbours begin to succumb to radiation sickness, everything begins to fall apart, and finally the first of the family has to be sewn into a shroud for burial in the garden. The subject of a family and community falling victim to a silent, invisible massacre is hardly usual cinema fare, but Littman keeps sentimentality at bay, refuses to court sensationalism, and coaxes some superb performances from her cast. A gentle, loving, noble, angry and heartrending film.

By: JG


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Lynne Littman
John Sacret Young
Jane Alexander
William Devane
Ross Harris
Roxana Zal
Lukas Haas
Philip Anglim
Lilia Skala
Leon Ames
Lurene Tuttle
Kevin Costner
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