Thank Your Lucky Stars


Time Out says

During WWII, Hollywood came up with the notion that all-star revues would be just the thing to revive the audience's flagging spirits, and soon these extravaganzas started rolling out of the backlot like dreadnoughts down a slipway. Paramount turned out Star Spangled Rhythm, followed a year later by this Warners offering, which gave the studio's contract players a rare opportunity to strut their stuff in a musical context. The plot's the usual puttin'-on-a-show concoction, but the excessive length is worth it for Bette Davis' showstopping 'They're Either Too Young or Too Old' and Errol Flynn (that's right, all-singing all-dancing) offering the worst Cockernee accent this side of Dick Van Dyke in his party piece, 'That's What You Jolly Well Get'.


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

David Butler
James V Kern, Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
Dennis Morgan
Bette Davis
John Garfield
Errol Flynn
Joan Leslie
Ida Lupino
Humphrey Bogart
Olivia de Havilland
Eddie Cantor
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