That Old Feeling


Time Out says

Movie star Lilly (Midler) and journalist Dan (Farina) have always bickered like Punch and Judy. Now, as ex-partners, they're about to be flung together for their daughter Molly's prim-and-proper wedding. Though both have new mates, their genitals engage in a fit of nostalgia. Let the chaos begin. As ever, Midler - a queasy cross between Dolly Parton and Anna Magnani - is a sight to behold, the cruel lighting transforming her skin into a substance worthy of Star Trek. Farina, too, has rarely looked worse. Both, however, have enough pure showbiz talent, flinty and vulgar, to hook you. Grim, nevertheless.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Carl Reiner
Leslie Dixon
Bette Midler
Dennis Farina
Paula Marshall
Gail O'Grady
David Rasche
Jamie Denton
Danny Nucci