The Accused

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A young waitress, bruised, clothes ripped, runs screaming from a bar. Sarah Tobias (Foster, excellent) has been gang-raped, and her case is taken on by cool and efficient Deputy DA Kathryn Murphy (McGillis). When Murphy makes a deal with the accused men to reduce the charge to reckless endangerment, Sarah is enraged; and Murphy, beginning to feel the pangs of guilt, decides to prosecute the men who did not take part in the rape but encouraged the others. Surrounded by a storm of controversy - mostly generated by the inclusion of the explicit, some say exploitative, gang-rape scene -the film was written and directed by men, and produced by the Jaffe-Lansing Fatal Attraction stable, which hasn't helped its cause. And though it does make a clear stand on vital social and legal questions, one is left feeling distinctly uneasy at the inclusion of the scene.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Jonathan Kaplan
Joan Tewkesbury, Tom Topor
Kelly McGillis
Jodie Foster
Bernie Coulson
Leo Rossi
Ann Hearn
Carmen Argenziano
Steve Antin
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