The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

We are in 'Little America', a domed city on the moon in the year 2087 - visualise a budget Blade Runner. Ex-jailbird Pluto Nash (Murphy) is a successful nightclub owner. Gambling has been banned back on Earth so gangster Mogan (Pantoliano) demands Nash sells up in order to turn his Club Pluto into a casino. 'Course Nash ain't about to get jerked by no hoods. Donning a moon suit and several other questionable fashion statements, and with rusty robot pal Bruno (Quaid) and sexy chanteuse Dina (Dawson) in tow, he, er, drives fast cars, shoots at people and makes lame jokes. Some diverting cameos, but Murphy struggles to keep this one grounded.

By: JFu


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Ron Underwood
Neil Cuthbert
Eddie Murphy
Randy Quaid
Rosario Dawson
Joe Pantoliano
Jay Mohr
Luis Guzmán
James Rebhorn
Peter Boyle
Burt Young
Miguel A Nuñez Jr
Pam Grier
John Cleese
Illeana Douglas
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