The Adventures of Quentin Durward


Time Out says

If you want to be picky, Taylor is too old be playing Walter Scott's dashing young gallant, sent from Scotland to press his aged uncle's suit for the hand of the Duke of Burgundy's pretty ward, and winning her himself after her recalcitrance to an arranged marriage occasions much politicking. Otherwise an enjoyable costume romance, colourfully done with a dash of humour, some nice Gothic touches, and the châteaux de la Loire looking really splendid as a setting. The predominantly English cast, with Clunes outstanding as the Duke of Burgundy, make the most of what is often Scott's dialogue, and the climactic duel in a blazing belltower (with the contestants doing Tarzan acts on the ropes) is terrific.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Thorpe
Robert Ardrey
Ernest Thesiger
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Robert Taylor
George Cole
Robert Morley
Kay Kendall
Marius Goring
Alec Clunes
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