The Adventures of Werner Holt


Time Out says

Adaptation of an autobiographical novel by Dieter Noll which sets out to tell it like it was for a young man growing up in Nazi Germany. Painstakingly worthy but excruciatingly long, and hopelessly naive in its characterisation of a hero symbolically torn since childhood between two friends, one who enjoys beating people up, the other preferring such weedy intellectual pursuits as piano-playing. Small surprise when, at long last, our hero wakes up to the truth about concentration camps while serving on the Eastern front, and becomes disaffected from Nazism.


Release details

164 mins

Cast and crew

Joachim Kunert
Claus Küchenmeister, Joachim Kunert
Klaus-Peter Thiele
Manfred Karge
Arno Wyzniewski
Günter Junghans
Peter Reusse
Dietlinde Greiff
Angelica Domröse
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