The Affair


Time Out says

An efficiently performed but finally rather dull (and very televisual) study of a neglected historical subject: the reception of black GIs in Britain during WWII. The racist slurs and aggression which the soldiers endure come less from the rural, middle-class Brits, and more from their white American counterparts; indeed, Fox, whose husband is off in Europe, even goes so far as to contemplate, guiltily, an affair with the impeccably well-mannered Vance. Things turn horribly, though predictably sour.

By: GA


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Seed
Pablo Fenjves, Bryan Goluboff
Kerry Fox
Courtney B Vance
Leland Gantt
Ciaran Hinds
Beatie Edney
Bill Nunn
Ned Beatty
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