The Amazing Colossal Man

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

King Kong for the atomic age: US Army Colonel Manning (MAN-ing) is exposed to radiation during a nuclear bomb test, mutates into a giant, and is finally hunted down by his own army in this ferocious cold-war fable, which spins Korea, the army's obsessive secrecy, and America's post-war growth into one fantastic whole. Above-average special effects are mixed with quasi-documentary footage: armies on the move, test houses under nuclear attack, the colonel's skin shredding before our eyes under the blast. A film of uncertain politics and scathing cynicism, in which a Bible is shown shrinking to unreadable size in the giant's hand, and whose climax features an attack on Las Vegas, dream-city of the New America.

By: CA


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Bert I Gordon
Mark Hanna, Bert I Gordon
Glenn Langan
Cathy Downs
James Seay
Larry Thor
William Hudson
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