The Art of War


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This over-dressed conspiracy thriller takes its title from Sun Tsu's ancient book of military strategy, which advocated destroying one's enemies from within, thus avoiding the messy business of battle. The assassination of the Chinese ambassador jeopardises a groundbreaking UN-sanctioned trade agreement. Luckily, UN translator Matiko flees with a videotape of the incident which throws suspicion on powerful Chinese businessman Tagawa. Armed with the tape, special agent Snipes tries to untangle a web of corporate chicanery and diplomatic deceit. The hyperkinetic direction rapidly degenerates into incoherence, leaving the capable cast floundering in a sea of unspeakable dialogue. Only Archer, as a hard-nosed diplomat, and Chaykin, as a funny, phlegmatic detective, survive the death of a thousand cuts. Snipes' charisma, agility and fighting skills come into their own during the extended chase sequences and hand-to-hand combat, in which he's matched blow for blow by his character's longtime partner Biehn.


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