The Assam Garden


Time Out says

Though very much a two-hander and marred by the restraint that the film itself castigates, this is an often affecting study of two women - the widow of a colonial bigwig, cherishing memories of her privileged years in India, and the elderly Indian immigrant who to some extent penetrates the English woman's loneliness by forcefully offering friendship. It's a discreet and subtle movie, gradually scratching away at Kerr's veneer of happiness to reveal a core of frustration and resentment. Both the camera, prowling around the gorgeous garden that the women tend together, and Kerr's carefully controlled performance, suggest further depths of dissatisfaction. Far from original, but engaging.

By: GA


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Mary McMurray
Elisabeth Bond
Deborah Kerr
Madhur Jaffrey
Alec McCowen
Zia Mohyeddin
Ian Cuthbertson
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