The Avengers

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The Avengers
The Avengers

Time Out says

Lousy as it is, Warner Bros' big budget version of the cult '60s TV series isn't any worse than, say, the last two Batman flicks. Charm is a difficult quality to duplicate, and while Fiennes makes a passable stab at debonair, Uma Thurman's notion of insouciance translates as smug and spacey; she's far more convincing as Mrs Peel's deadly mute double, a robot, presumably (like so much of the plot, that remains a matter of conjecture). In some ways, the movie's inadequacies are inextricable from its virtues: heavy cuts have made a mockery of any sense of continuity, but then The Avengers always peddled surreal and absurdist conceits, so artificiality is the name of the game (there are a few neat ideas here: a conference in teddy bear suits, a stairway out of Escher, and an invisible cameo by Patrick Macnee). Its ersatz Englishness makes a certain sense. The trouble is, the film's decadence isn't a put-on, it is, simply, depressingly, degeneratively, decadent.

By: TCh


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Jeremiah Chechik
Don Macpherson
Sean Connery
Eddie Izzard
Uma Thurman
Fiona Shaw
Jim Broadbent
Ralph Fiennes
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