The Awful Truth

Film, Comedy
The Awful Truth

Time Out says

Zappy, sophisticated screwball comedy with Grant and Dunne displaying perfect timing as the husband and wife who get divorced and then, after enjoying quick flings with a cabaret artiste and an oil tycoon respectively, decide to get together again. A routine story perhaps, but McCarey transforms it , through his customary affection for his characters and taut pacing, into delightfully effective entertainment. The erotically teasing ending, with a black cat obstinately barring the communicating bedroom door which the almost un-estranged couple are praying will open, has a delicacy of touch that Lubitsch rarely managed.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Leo McCarey
Viña Delmar
Cecil Cunningham
Alexander D'Arcy
Cary Grant
Ralph Bellamy
Irene Dunne
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