The Bad Lord Byron


Time Out says

Not as bad as its reputation would suggest, since it is well acted and stylishly shot, but the script is undeniably silly. Starting with Byron (Price) dying in Greece, it cuts to a celestial trial at which the women in his life appear to give evidence, their stories being seen in flashback. The fatuous point is to determine whether Byron is a great poet and fighter for liberty or a bad, evil rake. Very basic stuff, historically inaccurate and not made any more convincing by the eventual revelation that the judge is Byron himself (though his lines have hitherto been delivered by someone else).

By: TM


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

David MacDonald
Terence Young, Anthony Thorne
Dennis Price
Mai Zetterling
Joan Greenwood
Linden Travers
Sonia Holm
Raymond Lovell
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