The Banger Sisters


Time Out says

Friends, in fact, not sisters. But Suzette (Hawn) and Vinnie (Sarandon), the original rock groupies, were nicknamed as such in their youth by Frank Zappa, or so this story goes. Those days long gone, but Suzette is still tending bar at the venue of her greatest memory - Jim Morrison passing out under her in the lavatory - wearing her rock chick clothes and silicone breasts well, while failing to notice times have changed. Vinnie, though, has moved on. She's now Lavinia with lavish house, two teenage daughters and a lawyer husband ignorant of her past. When Suzette gets fired and needs money, she turns to Vinnie for help; but the last thing Lavinia wants is Suzette showing up unannounced and exposing her former wild ways. No prizes for guessing that, through their differences, Suzette and Lavinia learn about themselves. Once you've reined in any major expectations of this very mainstream comedy, and pushed aside the slightly odd situation of Hawn playing a grown-up Penny Lane (daughter Kate Hudson's character in Almost Famous), the film's actually quite funny.

By: KWi


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Cast and crew

Bob Dolman
Bob Dolman
Goldie Hawn
Susan Sarandon
Geoffrey Rush
Erika Christensen
Robin Thomas
Eva Amurri
Matthew Carey
Andre Ware
Adam Tomei
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