The Bank


Time Out says

A slick Robin Hood fairytale for our age of techno-corporate feudalism and financial-market astrology, this debut from the producer of The Boys kicks back with a mix of protest populism and entertaining anarchism. LaPaglia is the Olympian CEO ever on the prowl for new schemes to ramp his bank's profits. A world away, a young couple's ill-advised foreign currency has brought home tragedy. Somewhere in the middle is Wenham's maths wiz, who has designed a chaos-based technique to predict stock-market crashes - think of the social benefits! - but he needs corporate resources to realise the idea. The hard, efficient design isn't absolutely matched by the occasionally hackneyed and improbable storytelling, but as a savvy, unusually conscientious audience-pleaser, it's bang on the money.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Connolly
Robert Connolly
Mandy McElhinney
Anthony LaPaglia
David Wenham
Sibylla Budd
Steve Rodgers
Greg Stone
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