The Baxter

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

It's a given that dorky accountant Elliot (Showalter) has no chance of marrying his Waspy blond fiancée (Elizabeth Banks). The question is whether he'll realize that the mousy office temp (Williams) is the woman he's destined to be with. Neither the writer-director-actor's dexterous duty-juggling nor Williams's daffy turn can save the movie from being self-consciously wispy to a fault; even by romantic-comedy standards, this is one airy confection. But The Baxter, like its protagonist, manages to squeak by on nice-guy charm. Somewhere, Ralph Bellamy is beaming like a proud papa.

By: DF



Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Showalter
Michael Showalter
Michael Showalter
Elizabeth Banks
Michelle Williams
Justin Theroux
Zak Orth
Michael Ian Black
Katherine Lloyd Burns
Peter Dinklage
Paul Rudd
Katharine Powell
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