The Bedroom Window

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Terry Lambert (Guttenberg) is not a bright man. Having just bonked his boss's wife Sylvia (Huppert), he gets up to take a leak. While he is in the bathroom, the rich bitch witnesses an assault on a young woman (McGovern) from the bedroom window, and scares the attacker off. The next day, the corpse of a woman is found in a dumpster a few blocks away. Because Terry wants to do the right thing, and his affair with Sylvia must remain secret, he tells the cops that he saw the attack. So when the accused is released due to lack of evidence, the boys in blue start leaning on Terry. Writer/director Hanson has created a plausible thriller with several neat twists; but the last half-hour, while never quite losing its grip, degenerates into pure flapdoodle, with McGovern coming to the rescue by using herself as bait to trap the real sicko.

By: MS


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Curtis Hanson
Curtis Hanson
Elizabeth McGovern
Steve Guttenberg
Isabelle Huppert
Paul Shenar
Carl Lumbly
Wallace Shawn
Brad Greenquist
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