The Bee Keeper


Time Out says

Angelopoulos' odyssey of a middle-aged man in the grip of terminal emptiness has a stately pace and a shortage of event or information that are a lot to take. It's always raining, usually evening, and the settings are mainly petrol stations and sad rooming houses in Greek tank towns. Spyros (Mastroianni) resigns his job as a schoolmaster, leaves his wife, and drives off with his beehives to follow the pollen route. A teenage hitchhiker (Mourouzi) attaches herself, bumming fags and food, and even using his room to score with a passing soldier. Spyros remains uncomplaining, wordless and lifeless throughout. They finally get it on in a neglected cinema, which not only fails to buck up his ideas, but appears to confirm his disenchantment, because the next day he surrenders to death by bee-sting. A muffled, deeply interior film.


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Theo Angelopoulos
Theo Angelopoulos, Dimitris Nollas, Tonino Guerra
Marcello Mastroianni
Nadia Mourouzi
Serge Reggiani
Jenny Roussea
Dinos Iliopoulos