The Big Bang


Time Out says

James Toback has his own theory about the universe to set against Genesis and the Big Bang: 'It all started with the orgasmic explosion of God,' he announces with revelatory fervour at the beginning of this film, which starts with his pitch to independent financier Joe Kanter: it's got no script, no actors, no story, just a bunch of people talking about their lives and beliefs. And this is what we get: a gangster who had a bit part in GoodFellas explains that the best day of his life was when he fell out of love; a basketball star momentarily lays aside his macho bluff to reveal how his wife committed suicide. Movie jock Don Simpson is opaque, Auschwitz survivor Barbara Traub reflective, and no, painter Charles Lassiter couldn't kill even in self-defence, he's more the victim type. Toback asks the big questions, and elicits honest, thoughtful responses from his 19 subjects. His quietly composed picture engages right from its exuberant, staccato opening to a subtle, affecting coda. Sex, love, life, death and the whole damn thing...

By: TCh


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

James Toback
James Toback
Don Simpson
José Torres
Eugene Fodor
Darryl Dawkins
Barbara Traub
Charles Lassiter
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