The Big Swap


Time Out says

An adult British movie about sex and its role in modern relationships. Five comfortably off, thirty-something couples decide one weekend to try, just for fun, partner swapping. The group embraces diverse characteristics - shy, candid, cautious, adventurous, sensitive, misogynist, closet lesbian, man dependent - without ever offering one rounded human being. Not withstanding a few lame attempts at humour, the film is dreadfully earnest in its remorseless attempts to touch on every imaginable insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, need and sexual proclivity.


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Niall Johnson
Niall Johnson
Antony Edridge
Sorcha Brooks
Richard Cherry
Julie-Ann Gillitt
Kevin Howarth
Alison Egan
Mark Caven
Clarke Hayes
Jackie Sawiris
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