The Big Swap


Time Out says

An adult British movie about sex and its role in modern relationships. Five comfortably off, thirty-something couples decide one weekend to try, just for fun, partner swapping. The group embraces diverse characteristics - shy, candid, cautious, adventurous, sensitive, misogynist, closet lesbian, man dependent - without ever offering one rounded human being. Not withstanding a few lame attempts at humour, the film is dreadfully earnest in its remorseless attempts to touch on every imaginable insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, need and sexual proclivity.

By: GA


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Niall Johnson
Niall Johnson
Antony Edridge
Sorcha Brooks
Richard Cherry
Julie-Ann Gillitt
Kevin Howarth
Alison Egan
Mark Caven
Clarke Hayes
Jackie Sawiris
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