The Black Windmill

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Although received with critical disappointment, mainly because Siegel had forsaken his exploration of American mythology and violence for what seemed to be a rather old-fashioned British thriller, there is in fact a lot to enjoy in The Black Windmill. It's a very playful piece at the expense of the British stiff-upper lip, made with a discerning American's eye for London. The plot is a shaggy dog story (with just the right degree of nightmarishness) revolving around intelligence agent Caine's single-handed attempts to retrieve his kidnapped son. Though by no means a perfect film, it is a much more coherent work than it is given credit, held together by Siegel's exuberant eye for the incongruous.

By: CPe


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Don Siegel
Leigh Vance
Michael Caine
Joseph O'Connor
Donald Pleasence
John Vernon
Janet Suzman
Delphine Seyrig
Joss Ackland
Clive Revill
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